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Michael Sarno's Apparel-Art

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Decorating and enhancing clothing is nothing new, in fact many cultures, most notably native Americans, have been painting their apparel by hand for centuries. Fast forward to current time, Michael Sarno has taken his creative artistry from the canvas, and translated it to a line of wearable art; custom, one-of-a-kind hand-painted apparel. He has created a basic line of casual apparel through his style and technique of painting, as if each piece was his canvas. There are many lines of "design" apparel, which are mass produced and silk screened. An apparel-art item is a totally original painting...

His line includes hats, t-shirts, tote bags and canvas sneakers; in black, red, yellow, blue, orange, purple and green base colors. Michael then hand paints each piece with the clients' choice of colors to complete the original apparel-art.

Of course most of his past clients wear their custom creations, but many have also saved the items unworn, displaying them as original works of art. Some of whom have even made custom plexi display cubes to present their painted sneakers or caps in, as part of their own home decor. The basic sneakers are purchased directly by each client, and sent to Michael's studio, with their desired color scheme. He then hand paints them, and sends them back to the client. All other items are provided by the artist, painted and shipped to each client.