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Michael Sarno's Book

"...a collection of anecdotal tales told with humor and sass..."

"The author's life—including his strong relationship with his son, his brushes with the Mob and even his incessant practical jokes—has the makings of an amusing, warm-hearted book."

"A sometimes-amusing, occasionally laugh-out-loud funny look at the life of a man who clearly isn't down for the count..."

"Michael's first book is a real treat. I have enjoyed reading about his experiences in a world long gone. I can't even imagine a New York where little kids take the bus. Looking forward to his next great work"

"Very enjoyable look at the author's nearly 75 year journey (thus far). his style of storytelling is relaxed, casual and informal; as if he's telling you each story over a cup of coffee...his comical sketches add texture & humor to the book, which is laid before you in a witty, humorous, and chronological manner. his many 'larger then life' stories, give the reader a lot of laugh-out-loud moments. highly recommended."

"I haven't finished the book yet, but I loved every story I have read. They cherish valuble things in life which we often take as granted. This book is easy to read because it will remind you someone you know in life or something happened around you before. It is a book for everyone who appreciates little details in life."

When Michael Sarno turned "74", he started looking back and reflecting on his many wonderful, funny and crazy years on this Earth (to that point). Even though his hands had nerve damage (and many other injuries relating to a fall), he grabbed his keyboard and started typing…and typing…and typing. After almost 2 years of writing, he ended up with a 60,000 word "novel" about the fun times, bad times and constant craziness that surrounds his world. It is a charming look at some very funny, and poignant stories, written in the form of little "vignettes", complete with amusing pen & ink sketches. We can relate to a lot of his experiences, as I'm sure we all have a Crazy Uncle, or been attacked by a killer dog at some point! It's a comical journey through his life; work, family, good times & bad…It will keep you captivated. As the title suggests, he's been here for nearly ¾ of a century, but still doesn't know what he wants to be!


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