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Michael Sarno's Gallery
For many centuries, artists have been using canvas as the preferred medium for their creative artistry...The actual canvas material is perfect for catching, grabbing & holding Michael Sarno's spontaneous style of "drip technique" painting. Admittedly, he offers, he is not the first person to ever do this, as we know Jackson Pollack perfected it in the mid-twentieth century, but it's something Michael employs with great passion, energy and planned perfection.

In recent years, Michael Sarno has experimented with using various sizes & shapes of plexi as a painting surface. In sharp contrast to the rugged texture of the canvas, the plexi's surface is extremely smooth, and not porous. Thus, when Michael applies his paint (always in a physical fashion- throwing, flicking & dripping), it reacts much differently; it moves, it shifts, it is alive. He embraces and uses these movements to his advantage, while creating his unique work.
Plexi Gallery   Plexi Gallery